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Considering it has been almost exactly a month since I shared my sunrise wishes, I thought it would be only fair that I post an update, especially considering I have gone to 8 yoga classes at 7am since then, which have given me an enormous sense of accomplishment considering I do not like to work out first thing in the morning.

And then I realized this was my 1000th post.  Considering I let my four-year blogiversary go by quietly, I could not let the 1000th post go by. So the yoga update is for another day.

One thousand. That sounds impossible. I guess that is what happens when you blog for four years (somewhat) consistently.  Here are a few more numbers:

  • 3270 comments from all of you – that number is actually more exciting to me than the 1000 posts.  It is also why I will never switch blogging platforms, despite Blogger’s meltdown a few days ago, because migration of comments is not fool proof, and I do not want to lose all the wonderful comments from all of you.
  • 2 blog name changes, which means 2 URL changes, and many broken links I am still fixing when I come across them
  • 37 pearls of wisdom – a project I started in 2009 that had many wonderful guest contributions.  I have been toying with revisiting this project.
  • 187 posts on mindful living 
  • 163 lunchboxes
  • 160 recipes – about half are very slight adaptations, but another half are more extensive adaptations, and there are a few that I consider original

Thank you for reading as I made it to the first thousand posts.  I so appreciate your comments, tweets, emails and support.

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