July 2011 Self Care Retreat Wrap-up

by Valerie on August 11, 2011 · 3 comments

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I have been putting off writing this post – I just do not want our self-care retreat to end.  It has been such fun working with Cheryl of Cheryl of Gluten-Free Goodness (see her kick-off post) and our wonderful guest hosts, Wendy of Celiacs in the House, Shirley of Gluten-Free Easily and Iris of Daily Dietribe

Before I get into my own personal reflections, I wanted to highlight the weekly themes of the retreat:

Movement, hosted by Valerie

Reflection, hosted by Cheryl

Food & Nourishment, hosted by Wendy of Celiacs in The House

Nourishment through Friends, Family and Pets, hosted by Shirley of Gluten-Free Easily

Nourishment Through Creativity, hosted by Iris of Daily Dietribe

I found it very grounding to have over a month to focus on self-care and it hit me how many small decisions can be made every day to focus on those.  I tried Zumba for the first time, after years of saying I would try it (I wanted to try it before it became a famous thing), and it was a great way to try new form of movement. I meditated twice this week (in lieu of 7am yoga) and sat still for 15 minutes two days in a row.  Last Saturday I got up and sat and meditated for 15 minutes, also unheard of for me on a Saturday morning.  I reconnected a bit with my creative side as a form of self-care.  In short these few weeks were truly transformative and made me think about self-care completely differently.  Now if only the summer and the retreat did not end.

There is more I want to tell you, but I am in dire need of sleep, so instead I will promise to make every month, as much as possible, about self-care in some way.

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1 Michelle | Bleeding Espresso August 11, 2011 at 6:49 am

Thank you for doing this wrap-up; I missed posts along the way, so this will be great to bookmark and get back to :)


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