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by Valerie on August 16, 2011 · 1 comment

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I know, I know, just last week I swore to have week in reviews recaps done on Sunday, but last night was a confluence of Livewriter going on strike (at least in terms of handshaking with my blog) and me going to bed.  Last week was very busy at work, but I topped off the week with a fun-filled weekend:

  • Chocolates and a card from my husband
  • Yoga with dear friend Hillary (her first class, taught by the wonderful Lisa) followed by lunch at Café Green (raw pizza and kale salad)

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  • 3 7am yoga classes, 1 yoga 1 (with Hillary), and 1 restorative yoga class
  • 2 7am 15 minute meditations (in lieu of the missed 7am yoga) and 1 Saturday morning 15 minute meditation!
  • Dinner with Gena at Open City
  • Date night at Jaleo with my husband
  • Another stop at Staples for folders and glitter glue
  • Art journaling for a couple of hours over the weekend
  • Catching up on blogging
  • Bought new running shoes (last weekend it was black ballet flats)

As you can tell from the exclamation points, I am pretty excited about three meditation sits.  The two mornings I did not make it to yoga at 7am during the week, I  promised myself I would meditate instead, which seems like a good substitute.  I am really loving this whole shift in my morning routines.  The Saturday morning meditation was less successful in terms of clearing my mind, but I did sit still for 15 minutes so am still counting it. 

How was your week?

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1 The Curator August 16, 2011 at 1:48 pm

Aw, thanks for the mention and for showing me the ropes! I had a great time and am checking out studios here! 😀 And lunch was totally yum, I'm dreaming of that delicious smoothie!


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