Healthy Living Summit: Friday Lunch at Pumpkin Bakery

by Valerie on August 21, 2011 · 0 comments

HLS 028

As I mentioned this morning, I am in Philadelphia for the Healthy Living Summit this weekend.  Yesterday I met up with Sarah of the SHU Box (who writes candidly about a variety of life and health topics, including all things organization and mindfulness) and we had lunch, along with several other bloggers, at Pumpkin Market. I wanted to be sure to give Pumpkin Market a shout-out as they handled over a dozen of us, in a small space, with incredible efficiency considering the fact they had no notice we were arriving. HLS 026


And, they completely knew how to handle my questions as a gluten-free diner.  Truth be told, I am always nervous eating at a smaller place that serves sandwiches, because crumbs are everywhere, but they quickly pointed me to gluten-free vegan options in their cold case that had been prepared away from any bread or sandwich preparation,and I enjoyed plain arugula (which was also available in the cold case) topped with a white bean salad and some great guacamole.  And, when I was told their juicer was removed from the sandwich area, I ordered a parsnip pear juice, which seemed like a nice change from my usual carrot celery combinations.  The food was great, and I brought the rest of the plain arugula and white bean back to the hotel (where I had requested a fridge for my room, which was possible at no extra charge!).

Here is the group of us, including Lauren, Brittany, Kath, Allie, Sarah, Megan, Julie, Kelly, Heather and several other bloggers. The group was so large I did not catch everyone’s name or blog – believe it not, the original lunch group was even larger and this was our smaller group that split off.

pumpkin bakery

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