Art Journaling, Starbucks Edition

by Valerie on September 4, 2011 · 4 comments

Yesterday, Lisa and I met up to spend some time art journaling.  We had both enjoyed the Art Journal workshop we had attended in July, and wanted to keep the habit going.  In the interim, I only had one “full” art journal time but had also spent some time clipping magazines here and there to have materials ready for more art journaling.  Lisa brought several Fitness and Self Magazines, while I contributed a few issues of Real Simple. I spent most of the afternoon clipping inspirational quotes and graphics while Lisa put together several beautiful pages (you can see them on her blog).  I also flipped through my current art journal and repaired a few pages that were becoming a bit unstuck.

wknd 008

wknd 004wknd 006

It was fun and very relaxing, and we definitely hope to do it again at some point next month.

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