Art Journaling With Friends, Pre-Holiday Edition

by Valerie on December 31, 2011 · 2 comments

Happy New Year’s Eve! I took a bit of a semi-unforeseen technology break these last couple of weeks.  As I often do, I am easing into the New Year’s – meaning that while 2012 officially starts tomorrow, my new planner has not yet arrived (at least I ordered it before Christmas – hmmm, actually, come to think of it, it has not yet shipped. Must.check.on.that), and I am still musing resolutions/goals/dreams and so forth.  I used to be the anti-resolution gal for years – after all, some of my biggest changes in my life were resolved at times nowhere near January 1 – but I made some resolutions for 2011 and I found the process behind them very grounding, as was the checking-in on them periodically.

I am about to write up a post on my December Sanity Challenge outcome and then off to muse on 2012, but I wanted to leave you with these super-fun pictures of an art journal session earlier this month with friends Julia, Lisa, Julie, Jessica (of Chakras), Danielle and Hilary.

art journaling 016art journaling 013art journaling 007art journaling 008art journaling 011art journaling 019

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