21 Day Yoga Challenge, The Sequel– Days 12 Through 19

by Valerie on January 28, 2012 · 3 comments

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Today is actually Day 20 of this challenge, but I have not gone to yoga yet (I am leaving in a few minutes) which is why I am recounting only up to Day 19.  Since I last checked in with you about the challenge (wow, it has already been a whole week), I have gotten in another Yoga 1 class as well as 5 all levels classes (4 at 7am), and am looking at today and tomorrow, the last two days of the challenge, with three remaining classes to take, as I took Monday off as a rest day.  I was not even that sore by Monday, but I had done 7 days of yoga in a row, so it seemed like a good idea, plus I had another 12 hour day at work, so, while I could have made the 8.30pm class Monday night, I decided to get some rest instead.  I am still alternating between being grateful I can do this much yoga and seeing how much my strength, stamina and balance have progressed since I last did such a challenge last June and just generally missing other physical activity.  In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed my core and arms have strengthened up a bit more too, which I assume is because of the continuous nature of my practice this month, so that is exciting, but on the other hand, I also hit a point this week where I wanted to do something other than an all levels class (which is all I have been able to fit into my schedule).  I am finishing up the challenge with a yoga 1 class, followed by yin and then restorative yoga tomorrow, so I will be getting the variety I am craving.  The coolest part by far in the challenge is seeing how certain poses (like half moon) do get easier for me when I practice every day.  

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1 Liz January 29, 2012 at 12:11 am

Good luck finishing and enjoy the last classes of the 21 day challenge! I finished mine up today. Sadly, I’m still fairly pathetically inflexible (the strap is my friend for any form of bind), but, like you, I have noticed an increase in strength during the challenge. I held crow today for several breaths which I definitely couldn’t do in early January, so that was actually pretty exciting! Congratulations on your progress and enjoy the restorative classes!


2 Gena January 30, 2012 at 1:35 am

It is amazing how yoga only deepens and deepens, no matter how long a person’s practice has been going on. Glad you have felt more ease in your 1/2 moon :)


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