Catching up from Cruising Altitude

by Valerie on August 28, 2012 · 1 comment


Ok, not quite on the cruising altitude part – I am flying United today, back from a lovely vacation in San Francisco, and there is no in-flight internet, so I am actually hitting publish from home in Washington, DC, but I wrote tonight’s post somewhere over the middle of the country.  Yes, this is my third trip in just over a month.  First there was Boston for work for a couple of days (recaps here, and here), then Kansas City, MO, also for work, but for a full week  (Part 1 of recap here, part 2 here) and now San Francisco, this time for fun – long overdue vacation with my husband – it had been close to four years since we went on vacation, just the two of us, no family obligations involved.  I keep thinking of a post I wrote last year when I said I felt like my life had become confined to one square mile in Washington, DC (“….as I was treading wear on the sidewalk of only a handful of blocks….I felt like my world had become ridiculously small”), and all I can say is that the universe was listening.  I know many of you travel far more frequently, but when you go from barely traveling to three trips in a month, life feels pretty different all of a sudden.


As I go through my many, many pictures of the last few weeks, I am trying to think of the best way to catch all of you up on all of this goodness.  Before I recap San Francisco, though,  I still have a couple of posts to finish up from my time in Kansas City, and some thoughts on green juice at Starbucks (yes, really), as well as a peek at Attune’s new Erewhon Supergrains cereal – it contains Buckwheat and Hemp.  How cool is that?

On that note, though, I need to get some sleep so I can hit the ground running back into my everyday routine tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, tell me, do you travel frequently and what do you like best about it? For me, right now, it is no longer having the feeling that life has narrowed down to Points A through  E (home, work, gym, yoga, grocery store). I am enjoying how life feels more expansive geographically the most right now, though the food is a close second, considering the many lovely meals of the last month: Café Gratitude in Kansas City, Wagamama in Boston, and then Millennium, Gracias Madre, and Plant Café in San Francisco.   

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