One Week to End Fistulas

by Valerie on May 2, 2013 · 0 comments

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Happy May – rather than say how-is-it-already-May-and-yes-I-miss-blogging and my usual beginning of month/end of month intro’s, let me tell you about my friend Olivia. I met Olivia through blogging a few years ago, and we eventually met in person in DC, and then I saw her when I was in San Diego, and now she is back in DC. It is fantastic to have a friend closer, especially someone like Olivia who has, as long as I have known her, made it a priority to integrate improving the world as part of her day to day life. 

Olivia does not just give time or money to worthwhile causes, she also spearheads grassroots efforts amongst her community, weaving together passions and interest. Her latest project is One Week to End Fistulas (which you can also follow on FB) dedicated to raising awareness of obstetric fistulas and raising funds to pay for fistula repair surgeries for women who would otherwise not have access.  The inaugural event is May 12 to May 18, and  it is basically like a walkathon, except it involves yoga:

The One Week to End Fistulas Challenge is simple, flexible, and transformational. You only have to do two things:

1.  Practice yoga daily for one week. You can practice at home or at your studio, alone or with a group. How you do it is up to you.
2.  Collect sponsorships from friends and family to help you reach your funded-surgeries goal.

It’s just like the walk-a-thons you did in grammar school, but with yoga.

I love how Olivia has put together this initiative and can’t wait to support it.


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