Looking forward to Green Festival, DC VegFest & Crafty Bastards

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As is often the case when shootings or other terrible things happens, but I am lucky to not be directly affected, I compartmentalize.  And disconnect from the newscycle, limit FB newsfeed reading, and mostly avoid Twitter. Mostly, though, I think of things to look forward to. Fortunately, this month is good for that.  Three of my favorite DC events are happening in the coming weeks and, for once, I am actually in town for all of them.  I have been to all three at some point in recent years, so am sharing a few photos below.

Green Festival

First up – Green Festival. The last time I went was in 2010 – I am not sure it has been back to DC since. I know I looked for it in 2011 and did not see it.  Back in 2010 I was just starting to try out a lot of brands like Brad’s Raw Foods (heck, they had just launched their leafy kale chips):

Weekend Oct 027Weekend Oct 02800Weekend Oct 029

Other great discoveries:

Monday lunch box and GreenFest 033Monday lunch box and GreenFest 021

Weekend Oct 034Green Fest 002

Green Festival is not just all about food, though – there is also eco-friendly clothing, eco-friendly furnishings and house materials.  It really is a wonderful expo if you are interested in green living. Back in 2010, I visited Kimberly at the TranquiliT booth. She did such a wonderful job at giving the booth into a cozy tiny boutique. Here she is with Joanna and Lisa:
Weekend Oct 033

There were many other eco-friendly brands, so I can’t wait to see what new products are there.

Weekend Oct 032Weekend Oct 031

Green Festival is this weekend, and next weekend are DC VegFest and Crafty Bastards.

DC VegFest

I went to DC VegFest in 2011 and again in 2012.  In 2011, I can only characterize my time there as a micro-stop, though I did get to see Isa Chandra Moskowitz present and  I ran into Gena who was there late in the day as well.

lunchbox and chocolates 018

In 2012, I went to DCVegFest with my friends Miriam and Rachel.  Rachel did not make it into the picture below, so that is just me and Miriam, who wrote a fabulous recap of our time at VegFest. We spent several hours walking around, trying samples, including Gouter, I also  bought a Vaute coat, best known as one of my favorite purchases ever.

At DC VegFest

And finally….Crafty Bastards.

Crafty Bastards

I am really excited about going to all three of these events, but I am especially excited about Crafty Bastards, as last time I went, in 2011,  it was rainy and very cold.   In 2012, I had to miss it, as I was out of town that weekend, so I am super excited to go back. Crafty Bastards showcases wonderful creativity across a variety of media.

crafty bastard 2011 (7)crafty bastard 2011 (9)crafty bastard 2011 (3)crafty bastard 2011

It is a rare year I get to go to three events like that, much less in the span of two weeks. If you are in the DC area, I encourage you to check out one or more of these events.

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