Chagrin Valley Soaps, More Enabling of The Honey Obsession

by Valerie on August 7, 2007 · 2 comments

I know I promised to review Stila Fall next, but Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft reopened today after a month vacation, which reminded me I need to start posting reviews of their wonderful soaps. I started trying Chagrin Valley samples (thanks to my lovely friend Tosin who sent me many samples) in late June and, I have to admit, I am addicted.

Chagrin Valley is an all natural soap etailer that makes some truly luxurious and amazingly good-for-you cold process soaps, using only essential oils and nothing synthetic. The website is really worth checking out as it contains lots of excellent information on all natural skincare and soaps. In addition to soaps, Chagrin Valley sells body butters, lotion bars, shampoo bars, lip balms and other goodies.

At this point, I have yet to try a Chagrin Valley soap I don’t like, and that includes those with ingredients I don’t necessary gravitate to, like mints and rosemary. I have tried many of the soaps, but today am focusing my review on the soaps and a shampoo bar that contain honey:

Avocado, Oats and Shea bar soap — this soap is often sold out, and once I got my hands on a sample, I understood why. Made with avocado pulp, oats, shea butter and honey in addition to saponified oils, this soap has a fresh pleasing ginger lemon scent and is a veritable skin care powerhouse. After three days of using this bar, my upper skin was noticeably softer. Considering my excessive soap and butter use means I already have very smooth and soft skin, it is that much more impressive that this soap could have that effect. I have not yet used it on my skin because I have had such great results with the Carrot and Honey Complexion Soap, reviewed immediately below.

Carrot and Honey Complexion soap — I have some redness on my face that, while not very noticeable, is resilient. This soap is gentle and soothing and has actually lessened the redness, while conditioning my face. I have also used it as a body bar, and it has a light nutty honey scent.

Chamomille and Calendula soap — Along with the Carrot and Honey, the Chamomille and Calendula soap has contributed to my face’s rehydration. I have very sensitive, often dehydrated skin, even in the midst of a heat wave. Both the Carrot and Honey and the Chamomille and Calendula have had a night and day effect on me. I use the Chamomille at night as it is a little more deep cleansing than the Carrot and Honey. Unsurprisingly, the Chamomille and Calendula soap also contains honey which contributes to the light and pleasing scent. The Calendula, however, gives the soap more of a clean mild floral scent.

Cormeal and Honey soap — If the above two soaps are HGs for my face, the Cornmeal and Honey is a body soap HG. It is wonderfully sweet, but refreshing (as a result of rosemary, lemongrass, lavender and peppermint essentials oils blend — fascinating considering I don’t really like any of those scents usually). More importantly the cornmeal makes it a great exfoliant and, as a result of the honey, calendula and oatmeal powder, this soap is deep cleansing and great for unclogging clogged pores that are reacting to waxing and the heat. Another HG

Goat Milk Honey Oatmeal soap — As you know, this is usually one of my obsession soap types. Chagrin Valley’s does not disappoint. With a soothing OMH scent derived from the natural oatmeal, milk and honey added to the soap, this is a great soap for sensitive skin, both on the face and body. This is not a strong scented soap since its scent is derived from actual honey, milk and oatmeal, as opposed to OMH fragrance oil, and it does have an herbal undertone.
This is not a strong scented soap since its scent is derived from actual oatmeal, milk and honey (as opposed to added OMH fragrance oil) but the scent is there, with an herbal undertone.

Honey Beer — I never thought I would like anything with beer in it, especially after the incident at the baseball game back in April, but this soap is spectacular. It’s sweet, with a bit of a fizzy scent, and very luxurious and bubbly.

Honey Butter — This is an extremely luxurious lathery soap as a result of the shea butter, mango butter and saponified coconut oil which are part of the ingredients. It is a sweet soap, but not as sweet as Honey Beer — this soap is more of a creamy sweetness.

Extra Honey Beer and Egg Shampoo Bar — Again, I am almost in shock that I used this product, considering my distaste for beer, but the scads of positive reviews made me want to try it. It makes my hair very thick and shiny and bouncy. I was worried it would weigh down my fine hair because of all the nutrients in it, but instead I got really thick hair. My initial thought on shampoo bars is that they are trial and error — sometimes your hair reacts well to one kind, but not to another.

So there you have it — a few reviews to give you a glimpse of the wonderful world of Chagrin Valley soaps.

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1 She-ality August 26, 2007 at 4:04 pm

Thanks for sharing about CV soaps. You have tried several varieties that I haven't gotten to yet. After my first sampler, I fell in love with how pampering they are. I also like that each bar is a unique recipe. Just can't seem to get enough of them lately. I have also become obsessed wish B&B products that contain honey. My skin is so happy. Great blog-keep it up!


2 Tosin August 27, 2007 at 5:02 am

Im so glad you’ve been enjoying your CV soaps!! I wish I could stand on the mountain tops and shout to the world how truly beneficial they are, not just for the condition of your skin but for a total feeling of wellbeing!!


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