McCreamy Soaps and McStaple Eyeliners

by Valerie on September 28, 2007 · 1 comment

Thanks to the magic of DVR, I am watching the Grey’s Anatomy premiere even though I got home late from quality time at Bloomingdales. DVR is a new addition to my life and I am loving it. After the dark twisty Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy, the premiere is fortunately a little lighter.

In honor of the Grey’s Anatomy premiere, I have to mention the McCreamy McSoap from Mount Harmony Soaps. As the description states, “Grey’s Anatomy fans now have their own creamy soap from Mount Harmony’s McCreator. Avocado and castor oil, pigment, safflower petals and fragrance gives McSoap its McCreamy softness and allure. I have a McCreamy soap and it’s nice and lemony and fresh. Mount Harmony also makes a variation called Son of McCreamy, which has a different look than the original McCreamy, but is just as lovely and fresh.

]Mount Harmony soaps are sold every Sunday at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market, and the selection is wonderfully vast. All the soaps are cold process and all natural. Many of the soaps have herbs from Mount Harmony’s own garden in them too.

Anyways, back to Bloomingdales talk. I stopped by the one in midtown (New York – yes it’s confusing to be split between two cities) after work tonight to take a look at the Clinique gift with purchase and check out some other things. I can’t mention a trip to Bloomingdales without urging you to check out the amazing frozen yogurt at Forty Carrots. My usual routine used to be to stop by Forty Carrots on the subway-level of Bloomingdales on my way out of the 4/5 train, and then go up to the ground floor where all the lovely cosmetics counters are.

Bloomingdales is, however, renovating its subway level area, so Forty Carrots has moved upstairs to the 7th floor. Once I headed up there and ascertained that the frozen yogurt is just as yummy (think Pinkberry but not as tangy), I headed back down and looked around a bit. I ended up deciding on getting new Clinique Cream Shaper eyeliners in Egyptian and Black Diamond so that I could get the gift, which was quite a decent one (the usual lipstick, body butter etc combo). They are soft eyeliners, and great for quick application in the morning. Because they have a a bit of shimmer they make your eyes pop but are totally work appropriate. These eyeliners are the only ones that I have actually used up to the point where the pencil is too tiny to continue using. Definitely a McStaple when I am in a rush and don’t have the time (or am not yet awake enough) to apply gel liner.

I want to chat more, but must go to sleep.

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1 H. September 28, 2007 at 8:09 pm

Such a cute and clever name – “McCreamy” soaps! I don’t even watch Grey’s but that’s adorable. I agree, the Egyptian and Black Diamond are staples. I’m going to add Chocolate Lustre as a staple for me. :)


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