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by Valerie on October 25, 2007 · 3 comments

The latest new indie etailer I want to introduce you to is Cocoa Pink, which just recently opened. My friend Kimm told me about Ilona, Cocoa Pink’s owner and creator. They met on a soap forum and Kimm was telling Ilona that her 7 year old son has sensitive skin that reacts best to castile CP soaps, but that he wants a chocolate soap rather than the all natural or floral scents most castiles come in. And thus Ilona created Colin’s Milk Chocolate Pudding Soap.

I have to say I am very enchanted by Cocoa Pink’s concept – no parabens, good-for-you ingredients and lots of beautiful CP soaps. Cocoa Pink makes me think girly and decadent which is a great theme for a bath and body and skincare indie etailer.

So yes, for someone like me who is enchanted by adorable packaging and savvy marketing, it is given I would fall in love with Cocoa Pink.

That said, I need the products to back up the concept.

And Cocoa Pink delivers … I had the good fortune to be a tester for some of her products, and I was very impressed. So impressed I am placing an order soon for holiday stocking stuffers.

Here is what I got to try:

Sugar Scrubby Bar – I generally don’t buy scrubby bars because they are usually made with salt (too harsh for my sensitive skin). But Cocoa Pink has SUGAR scrubby bars and they are SO yummy. SO yummy. Think a sugar scrub bar that just melts in your hand on your skin, bit by bit, and leaves no mess compared to a regular sugar scrub. I tried sugar, which is light, but effective, scrubbiness. These would be great for travel by the way, because they are about 2oz, so good for 2-3 uses.

Sugar Scrubby Bar in LE Coffee Scrub – I really hope Cocoa Pink brings this back because I am obsessed with this bar. I love coffee scrubs (with actual ground coffee bits) because caffeine works well on my skin (tightening, smoothing, you get the idea). I wanted to love BBW’s now discontinued Mocha my Day and Coconut Hut’s delicious smelling Hilo‘s Cup O’ Java Coffee & Sugar Body Polish… but they both made my tub SO messy. Cocoa Pink’s Coffee Sugar Scrubby Bar is NOT like that. Instead, the coffee is more finally ground and the mess is minimal.

Colin’s Milk Chocolate Pudding Soap – I don’t usually like chocolate soaps, but this is heavenly – truly a chocolate pudding scent, and the lather is delicate and moisturizing.

Voluptuous Body Butter – the scent is a sweet sugary lemon which, if you read this blog regularly, is one of my top favorite scents. The ingredients are top notch, and the butter is whipped and light.

Stinky Feet Unrefined Shea – I love how Cocoa Pink embraces the unusual smell of unrefined shea butter. This is top notch quality shea butter and it sinks into your skin effortlessly. Great stuff. I really encourage you to read the description on the Cocoa Pink site. Lots of great information and well summarized.

I’m 29 Anti-Aging Serum With Peptides and Antioxidants Paraben Free: This is gentle and lovely and works on my sensitive skin. I have only tried it for about a week, but am already seeing a difference in the texture of my skin. It’s much more velvety and just generally soothed.

In addition to my review, I am so excited to share with you my very first guest review. The fabulous Kimm kindly agreed that I post her review (which she wrote on MUA, which I know not all of you read) here.

Kimm is one of my MUA buddies. We are both obsessed with soaps and chat often. Her box of goods was different than mine, so I thought you all would enjoy her review:

My CocoaPink Box:

1. Scrubbie soap (the one with nubs) – no real scent

2. . Sweetie Shine conditioner in Blissful Blackberry – smells delicious & can’t wait to try!

3. Butter sample in Cohr de Viene or something like that? I Just put it away somewhere and I can’t see the scent on the site, but it’s SEXY!!!!!! and OMG I freakin LOVE the butter! It’s an awesome whipped cream and the scent is sooo strong! I am in LOVE!

5. sample of the pink treatment soap (looks like a mini pink cupcake on the site) – these are not scented, for face.

6. sample of Mom’s Lux soap – another sexy smell! It kinda reminds me of SJP Lovely, or maybe that’s just what I am relating it to?

7. To be named goatsmilk oatmeal honey almond soap. It’s on the site in the full brick curing. I’ll be honest, this is one I worked with her with, so I got a full sized bar. I know she sent a few people samples? I told her everything I wanted to try and re-create my beloved FCB Miss Honey Buns – and Ilona freakin’ rocked it out!!! I swear it smells EVEN BETTER! She got the scent down, if anything hers is a little sweeter where the FCB to me has a little more bitter almond in it. Hers is a little darker in color and has some more “bits” in it (almond shavings).

This is why I love Ilona. She even crinkle cut the soap because I told her how important it was to me it had the same feel :) God I love her.

I am so already plotting, and more of that soap is MINE once it cures and gets a name 😉

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1 Anonymous October 25, 2007 at 1:57 am

Thanks so much for the reviews! I can’t wait to try this etailer:)
(graciebaby28 on MUA)


2 H. October 25, 2007 at 7:38 pm

Wow, everything sounds good. I’m particularly intrigued by the sugar scrub bar!


3 Karley October 27, 2007 at 2:31 am

Thanks for this review (both of you)!
When it is available, I plan to purchase the recreated honey buns soap. If I like it maybe I can sell off my CP soap making supplies since it takes so much time to make a loaf of soap. Sounds like a great etailer!


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