Yes, Body Chemistry Does Change

by Valerie on March 26, 2008 · 1 comment

So “spring” in New York is definitely in quotes these days – very cold temperatures, no respite in bitter winds, and really, no spring. Yes, yes, I know that I am nuts to expect spring in New York this early, but I can always hope.

So I wandered into Sephora tonight, in hopes of some spring inspiration. I walked by Aquolina’s Pink Sugar – I love the bottle – it’s just so pink and happy. Sadly, all my experiences with the scent have been less than stellar. On me the original scent always morphed to burnt wood (and my husband would sneeze).

I use the past tense, because tonight – well Pink Sugar was just delicious on me. It also occurred to me that some of my standbys have been smelling a bit different on me lately – so before my body chemistry changed its mind again, I rushed to pay, telling myself that yes, body chemistry does change.

Putting the happy Pink Sugar bottle on my vanity did boost my spring quotient, so mission accomplished.

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1 H. April 11, 2008 at 12:15 pm

Body chemistry can definitely change – I think mine did too recently! Glad the Pink Sugar is working for you! 😀


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