Beach in the City – Getting your Beach Sandals Groove on

by Valerie on May 23, 2008 · 0 comments

Beach in the City – A seasonal feature about bringing the beach to the city even when you can’t take a vacation.

No, this is not a post about pedicures, but rather about a lovely new scent that Bathed and Infused now carries — it’s called Beach Sandals. Originally, it was very limited edition (just April-May) but it was extended into summer because it was so popular, and it is truly lovely. A combination of Coconut, Vanilla, Almond, Sandalwood and a hint of Musk.

If you like Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie, chances are you will like BI’s Beach Sandals. And if you like coconut scents, you should definitely try this scent. It’s not too sweet, not too sandalwoody. I used to be very scared of sandalwood (vanilla sandalwood perfumes smell like cleansers on me when they drydown – ick!) but the Almond Cookie scent taught me that if it is a buried note, it tends to bring out the vanilla and the almond on me.

So I went ahead with ordering Beach Sandals in a lotion and edp, and they are both great in this scent, which is a very sophisticated yet beachy coconut. Now that it will be available through summer, I will definitely order it during the July BI 20% off sale.

A quick note on BI — it is an indie etailer I should mention more — they have some truly lovely scents. The one reason I don’t mention them much in winter is that, of their moisturizers, I only like the lotion, and while it is more of a lightweight cream than a lotion, it’s not heavy enough for me in winter. So, by default, I tend to order from Bi in summer — I usually get edps and the lotion (which is paraben-free). That said, do check them out, especially if you like lighter weight creams – the lotion is excellent, and stays very true to scent. And BI has great customer service and a very extensive scent menu.

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