Week in Review, Remembrance Edition

by Valerie on September 12, 2011 · 1 comment

It is late on Sunday night, and after a weekend filled with a lot of work as well as some fun, I have yet to catch up on some blogs posts I wanted to share with you. So tonight is an abbreviated Week in Review and I will update some of the bullets with links once I get those posts up.

More importantly though, while I do not know what to write about 9/11, it is tremendously important for me to not let this anniversary go by without acknowledgment.  Truth be told, I never know what to write on 9/11 – I was in Washington, DC that day, and I always remember the sky was a perfect blue, and noticing that right around 8am – I was mesmerized by how it was almost technicolor blue.  I also remember feeling very shocked and walking around for weeks afterwards with that shock inside me.  I did make some very significant changes in my life, feeling very acutely that I had the opportunity to make those changes and therefore should do so.  When I lived in New York later on, I actually worked across the street from and overlooking the World Trade Center site, and two September 11 anniversaries where I could see and hear the ceremonies.     

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I could write more but I need sleep, so a quick week in review of my free time:

  • 1 7 am yoga practice (my wrists have been aching so I had to downsize the yoga this week)
  • 1 Zumba class
  • 4 visits to the gym, including 2 7am ones (this is huge for me – I do not even really like the gym, though it is growing on me)
  • 1 7am meditation
  • 2 long fast walks (I am trying to incorporate more exercise into the day to day, like walking a couple of miles instead of taking the subway to bus to a destination)
  • Labor Day lunch downtown at Oyamel
  • Finding Zumba shoes at 45% off
  • Un-cooking from the Cafe Gratitude cookbook
  • Exploring the new Whole Foods on I Street, including buying some new skincare
  • Time talking to friends, including law school friends, a wonderful chat with Faye and dinner with Gena 

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1 Gena September 13, 2011 at 10:43 am

It's hard to know what to do or say on the anniversary of something like that. I think we commemorated well, with friendship.


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