Art Journal Playshop, November Edition

by Valerie on November 7, 2011 · 11 comments

So, clearly, I am loving these art journal workshops/playshops led by Kimberly Wilson, considering this is the third one I have gone to this year (January and July recaps).

art journal playshop 031

Here is Kimberly leading the playshop.  I always have such fun and feel like I learn something new every time.  Here are some takeaways:

  • art journal = visual journal = creative sketchbook
  • art journaling can be a way to process thinking while being more playful
  • a page does not have to be done in one sitting – one can add layers and date every layer
  • soft pastels are fun

I love these workshops because the energy is so positive and it is always wonderful to hear people’s stories and what brings them to art journaling.  Plus, it actually makes me art journal, though slowly but surely, I seem to have incorporated more art journaling time this year. In addition to workshops, I have met up with friends a couple of times to art journal (once with Lisa and once with Julie and Jessica).

Speaking of Lisa, she was here today, as were bloggers Julia and Tiffany:

art journal playshop 008art journal playshop 018

The afternoon was like an oasis amid a very packed weekend – and I loved how the sun was streaming in. Here  I am art journaling intently, as well as the glorious spread of fun paper and supplies:

art journal playshop 015art journal playshop 011

Kimberly always has a goodie bag at these events:

art journal playshop 027art journal playshop 029

One of the prompts that resonated me was to create a gratitude page, so I did just that with this spread:

art journal playshop 033

Such a nice restorative afternoon – and I am inspired to keep art journaling.  I have only had one “full” art journal time at home but lately have spent some time clipping magazines here and there to have materials ready for more art journaling.  

More on Art Journaling:

Some books about art journaling that I love:


And finally not only is art journaling fun, it is also a form of self-care:

There are some indications that drawing in a visual journal, even for a few minutes a day, has some health benefits, too. According to Elizabeth Warson, professor at George Washington University’s art therapy program, the regular practice of creating via an art journal can reduce your heart rate, increase serotonin flow and immune cells, and decrease stress responses. (Psychology Today)











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